5 cost saving wedding tips every couple should consider.

Wedding bells might be in your future if you are reading this article and for that, congratulations. Every bride and groom desire an unforgettable wedding which can take a financial toll. Below are some cost saving tips couples can consider while preparing for their special day. Open a wedding savings account. According to nerd wallet, the average cost of a […]

5 Ways To Manifest Your Best Life.

Embrace your essence. Our lives are constantly surrounded by visuals and voices that aim to suppress our true essence and we consequently manifest insecure energies which kill the confidence to thrive. One of the best ways to live our best lives is to flash out, from our conscience, any dead weight we carry as a result of embracing the negativity […]


Money. The one element in life we can’t live without but seems to elude so many. We earn it only to lose it to people we later regret impressing and on items we later regret buying. This is the story of many of us however, there is hope. As women, it is important to deal with the little enemies that […]


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines consciousness as, ” the quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself.” In this state, we are aware of who we are and what we are awake to. What differentiates the wealth builders from those who choose to stay in poverty is the knowledge and understanding of how to use and invest financial […]

How To Re-write Your Money Story

Each one of us has a money story. These are the conscious and unconscious habits and attitudes we have developed, since childhood, that shape our relationship with money. Our money stories shape our ability to create and sustain wealth. What is your money story and how has it impacted your life? Do you believe money has been fair to you […]

How successful women practice financial self care

The pressure to succeed has never been greater for women. For the first time in a long time, women are getting a fair share of opportunities leading to more financial empowerment. This new form of abundance requires development of habits that will help us achieve and maintain our own definition of personal and financial success. Financial success can be achieved […]