Three Tips On Creating Business Beginnings During And After Covid19.

COVID19 has become the economic equalizer. Businesses the globe over are facing challenges in their own capacity. As a business owner, I can definitely relate to these challenges. Here are a few tips on how to sustain and grow your business during and after the COVID19. Innovation COVID19 has forced the business community to reinvent itself by embracing modern technology […]

Making The Most Of Government Imposed Covid19 Curfew.

As the world continues to battle the mysteries and unexpected impact caused by Covid19, Governments all across the world have enacted guidelines to help curb the spread of the virus. Most have mandated stay at home orders and curfews. These orders can create an opportunity to reflect on important life matters. Here are a few ideas on how to utilize […]

Money, Purpose And Prosperity Practices.

This article is inspired by Rev Karen Russo, author of The Money Keys and my sister Faith. Today was quite the day. With COVID19 on everyone’s mind, I spent some quality phone time with my lovely sister, Faith. We shared spiritual principles centered around obedience and prayer. My sister encouraged me to determine the areas I wanted to excel in […]

A 2020 Financial Spring Cleaning Checklist

The 2020 Spring season is upon us and with it comes beautiful rays of sunshine, flowers, fresh breeze and an inspirational awakening to clean our living spaces. As you embark on spring projects, remember to freshen and organize your finances with this checklist. Goals are a the road map to success. Financial goals must align with your life’s vision. Reviewing […]

Are You A Financially Empowered Woman?

The 21st century woman has the potential to be a superwoman who can have it all: Independence, power, and financial empowerment. The possibilities are endless; however, many women are not as empowered as we should be and lack of financial knowledge and skill could be the root cause. Financial empowerment goes beyond a hefty bank account. It is about acquiring […]

Lessons From The Corona Virus Pandemic

On March 11th 2020, WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. The virus traces its origins in China and has affected over 21 countries. According to live updates from, there are 134,072 infections and 4964 deaths and rising. The world seems to be in panic mode resulting in school closures, panic buying, etc. Italy, the European country largely affected outside […]

Creating A Loving Relationship With Money

Like many of us, the fear of money was subconsciously programmed in me at a young age. Even though my mother was a successful businesswoman, the stress associated with money kept me away from loving it. After so many years of clearing my mind of the idea that money is evil and associated with greed, my financial life has tremendously […]

Give The Gift Of Financial Security With These Four Tips

Love brings together individuals who have the desire to build a life. Most couples dream of having children, buying a house, building pleasant memories all of which come with financial responsibility. It is therefore important for couples to strive for financial harmony. Financial harmony is when couples create an environment where financial successes and challenges are discussed without fear or […]

A Stress Free Travel Experience

I love to travel. My life is richer with every travel experience. In 2019, I embarked on my first West African journey and traveled to Ghana. The trip was rewarding. Here are four takeaways from my preparation and trip. Budget for great accommodation. I believe travel should be a comfortable and satisfying experience. As a traveler, I love clean spaces […]

The 2020 Woman’s Guide to Career Success.

Women wear many hats and for most, workforce participation is one of them. As we use our talents in our places of employment, we can sometimes feel stuck and question if we are in the right space. These questions are not unique and are actually growth triggers. Here are 5 tips for career success. Create career goals Every woman needs […]