The Ants Work Strategy That Can Empower Your Financial Life,

The industrious lives of ants have fascinated many and their work ethics even made their way into sacred texts. Human beings are always looking for ways to create and increase. This is our purpose for we are to be fruitful and multiply. To achieve this goal, we tend to seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding from books, blogs, experiences and mentors. […]

Her Money Guide’s First Year Anniversary

2020 has been a year of birth pains with Covid-19 taking a huge toll on us all. Despite the challenges, we here at Her Money Guide have a reason for gratitude. The blog celebrates its 1st year anniversary since launching in 2019. I take this opportunity to reintroduce the blog and share the vision for the coming year. What is […]

Three Tips On Creating Business Beginnings During And After Covid19.

COVID19 has become the economic equalizer. Businesses the globe over are facing challenges in their own capacity. As a business owner, I can definitely relate to these challenges. Here are a few tips on how to sustain and grow your business during and after the COVID19. Innovation COVID19 has forced the business community to reinvent itself by embracing modern technology […]

Making The Most Of Government Imposed Covid19 Curfew.

As the world continues to battle the mysteries and unexpected impact caused by Covid19, Governments all across the world have enacted guidelines to help curb the spread of the virus. Most have mandated stay at home orders and curfews. These orders can create an opportunity to reflect on important life matters. Here are a few ideas on how to utilize […]

The 2020 Woman’s Guide to Career Success.

Women wear many hats and for most, workforce participation is one of them. As we use our talents in our places of employment, we can sometimes feel stuck and question if we are in the right space. These questions are not unique and are actually growth triggers. Here are 5 tips for career success. Create career goals Every woman needs […]