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The Ants Work Strategy That Can Empower Your Financial Life,

The Ants Work Strategy That Can Empower Your Financial Life,

The industrious lives of ants have fascinated many and their work ethics even made their way into sacred texts.

Human beings are always looking for ways to create and increase. This is our purpose for we are to be fruitful and multiply. To achieve this goal, we tend to seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding from books, blogs, experiences and mentors. If you are reading this, you are most likely seeking a pathway to success and for that reason, we will explore the ant.

Don’t sweat the big stuff

I remember observing an ant lift a breadcrumb off the ground. This little insect struggled to carry what seemed to be a huge load. Big loads don’t interfere with ants dedication to accomplishing success. They can successfully move objects twice their size. The lesson here is that we have the ability to accomplish any goal or dream no matter the appearance of difficulty. Persistence, focus and dedication are keys to achieving success.

Your Financial Seasons.

You may notice an increase in ant activity during spring and summer seasons. The reason is ants use these times to gather and store up for winter. King Solomon used the ants’ diligence in self preservation to call out the lazy and offered a challenge into using wisdom to work hard and store up when times are good. Make use of opportunities and use these “summer” resources to store up for the “winter”. Save, invest, create a side hustle and take care of your health. Preparing during seasons of increase will ensure a smooth ride through life’s planned and unexpected events. In financial language, the summer seasons are for earning and growth of investments and winters are the retirement days in which you enjoy the return.

Adapt to change

Adaptation is the process of adjusting to changing environments in order to increase chances of survival. Ants succeed in adapting due to their ability to assign responsibilities based on skills and “tools”. The queen ant reproduces, the worker ants bring in food and tend to the young, the soldier ants protect the colony, and the male ants provide the sperm for reproduction. The end game is the survival of the colony. To achieve our goals, we have to invest in and contribute to the collective, skills that will enhance the human consciousness and in return, receive the appropriate reward for our effort. Adaptability requires skill acquisition which increases a person’s value and makes him or her appealing to society. They are the evidence of growth and experience.


Rest, in this case, is the action of accepting an outcome as is and ceasing to feed its creative process any form of energy. Work ants build energy through consumption of carbohydrates, while the other group of ants sustain energy for their respective roles. Creative energy is an essential part of human activity and after labor, it is important to rest for an opportunity to recharge.

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