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The courage to invest

The courage to invest

Investing is the expansion of available resources to create a state of financial abundance. Expansion of financial resources can be accomplished through the stock market, entrepreneurship, real estate investments, crypto mining and so on. Money is the popular investment seed and if property planted, can produce great abundance. A few thoughts to consider when taking the investor path via the stock market.

Define the why

Before walking the investor path, consider your why. This is the purpose, your goal. Many people invest to create financial wealth hence giving them a financial edge in life circumstances. Having access to financial abundance opens doors to new experiences something we all desire to have. A clear defined investment purpose also helps in allocating the amount to invest.

Have courage

Investing money earned is risky business, but the risk can bring great rewards. I was a fearful investor, one who would put in little in the stock market or sold as soon as the stock lost 1% of its value. My attitude changed when I read a comment on reddit that “scared money makes no money”. I decided to have faith in my decisions, began to abundantly sow with the expectation of a great return. I looked for healthy ground i.e., great companies with potential and planted my seeds in them. The rewards so far have been great. Have the courage to part with your resources in order to build wealth.

Due Diligence

Stock market social media posts have a #DD hashtag which means due diligence. The investor is encouraged to dutifully look into a company before investing in it. This is where you “work your ground” before planting your seed. Due diligence also means reading the market and aligning your funds with that which has potential for a great return. For instance, in this current market, green energy investments are the way to go so stocks in companies driving this area are a plus. Another example is the COINBASE IPO. Crypto is the present and future so the best avenue is investing in that path. Social media is a wonderful resource in obtaining stock ideas, but you must perform your due diligence.

Watch your investments


Proverbs 31:18 “ She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night.” is a current favorite of mine. Some investments do take time to grow and others, like the #GME stock can shoot up overnight. Understanding the volatile nature of the markets requires a constant check on your investments. Checking up on the health of the companies you own is a step forward in ensuring that your trading is profitable and that you don’t lose money in dark market days. Know when to buy and sell by watching market trends.

Trust your intuition


A month before the #AAPL and #TESLA stocks split, I looked at my portfolio and didn’t like the picture. My intuition drove me into selling the non performing stocks and buying Apple and Tesla. I obeyed and a few months later, the two companies’ stock split news caught my attention. This means I ended up with more stocks which is a good thing. Another example is #ALPP. I read up a few insights on the stock which at the time had risen to $1.20. My intuition triggered a buy which I obeyed and now, it’s at $7.30. The intuition is like a true friend who will never lead you astray. Listen and learn from it.


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