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Finding Joy In Money Matters

Finding Joy In Money Matters

Money is a sensitive topic which many avoid because money has a direct effect on our self-esteem and our ability to create. As things stand, there is not much we can do without money, but we can find joy in money matters regardless of current financial conditions.

Money is not the only way.

The universe has the abundance and multiplicity to provide for our needs beyond anything money can buy. We limit ourselves when we believe that we can’t attain much if our personal financial position is lacking. We can find joy in knowing that the universe, assigned the task of sustaining us, is able to bring into our lives people, circumstances and events that will give us the things we desire at all times. Always seek the unseen provisions.

Gratitude brings blessings.

Your current blessings were once a dream. For this reason, give thanks for all your financial happenings and circumstances that made your fortunes and treasures possible. Scripture reminds us to be thankful at all times and for good reason; gratitude releases energy that creates more events to be grateful for.

Every effort has a reward.

The journey to financial security requires sacrifice. As you create a surplus for the future through savings and investments, remember that your efforts are not in vain. Proper time and financial management helps create balance which can be a saving grace for uncertain times. Joyfully give and protect your future self through healthy financial habits.

Focus on happy financial memories

Life is about balance and there will be times of joy and times of mourning. As we go through these moments. do not neglect good financial memories. Remember the good times and let those thoughts dominate your mind for a beautiful financial ending.

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