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4 Beliefs About Money That Hinder Financial Prosperity.

4 Beliefs About Money That Hinder Financial Prosperity.

We come into this world with nothing but our divine abundant nature. The physical environment may be lacking, but our thoughts determine our life’s outcome. No amount of poverty, debt or material wealth can beat a positive mind. The energy of money follows positive thoughts. Why then are many financially limited? It all comes down to what we believe about money. Here are 4 beliefs that might be holding you back.

We all can’t be rich

I once read a comment which implied that wealth is reserved for certain people and that we all can’t be rich. There is no truth to this statement and it is an insult to the Divine nature of abundance.

Here is the reality: Your thoughts create your life (As a man thinketh in his heart so is he). Your life is a reflection of your thoughts and in order to change your life, you must change the way you think. All it takes is the willingness to expand beyond your current structures of belief.

The energy of money thrives in a productive environment. Set your focus on sharing your gifts and talents with the world. Imagine yourself serving people beyond your sphere of influence and watch your efforts return in the form of financial abundance.

Life is hard and money is hard to find!

This limiting belief has held many people back. It is rooted in scarcity and fear. Life is not hard. We make life hard by accepting defeating beliefs that become self fulfilling prophecies. Believing that life is hard causes you to attract difficult situations. The cure for this self defeating mindset is gratitude. Begin being thankful for your level of wealth. Be thankful for everything around you. Even if you only have a dollar to your name, be thankful and God will give you more to be thankful for.

Money is the root of all evil

A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh life merry; but money answereth everything.” Ecclesiastes 10:19. King Solomon understood the importance of money in meeting our societal needs. Money is simply a tool we need to take care of selves. Energy resides where it is wanted and the energy of money resides where it is appreciated. The belief that money is evil will cause it to go away.

The economy determines my financial success.

Success is a set of fulfilled goals and only you can manifest your financial success. The power to succeed lies in your gifts, talents and creative power. Notice how musicians and athletes wow us? We celebrate them because we are unconsciously amazed at their ability to shine and prosper in their talents. They prosper regardless of economic conditions. The power in you is greater than the economy. Tap into it and prosper.

  1. Money is a tool that does not have its own intelligence. You empower it with what you know and believe
  2. Prosperity is not limited to money. The universe has abundant ways of taking care of you and your family.
  3. Money is energy that requires your attention.


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