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A Feminine Guide To Prosperity

A Feminine Guide To Prosperity

We all aim to experience growth and success in all areas of our lives. With the right strategies and feminine skills, women can utilize their gifts and talents to experience financial prosperity by incorporating the steps below into their financial self care routine.

Create success systems

Our dreams matter and that’s why we must always be goal oriented. A goal is the bridge to your destination, but we need a vehicle to get there. Financial success systems are the vehicles we need to achieve prosperity. As Scott Adams one said, “Losers have goals and winners have systems.” The idea in the quote is not to discourage anyone from having goals. The emphasis is on systems because systems outlast goals. Systems could be anything from healthy financial habits if your goal is to increase savings, proper time management, skill development if your goal is to earn more money or anything that will empower your dreams.

Avoid financial highs and lows

Dr. Maria Nemeth best described the self created financial high/ lows as having a feast/famine relationship with money where we appear to deny ourselves pleasures for a period of time, then ravage our resources once our “fast” has ended. Our positive financial energy needs to have a constant presence through proper money management. The negative energy of wasteful spending comes from a place of entitlement with the claim, “I have worked hard so I have to play hard.” This mindset is one of scarcity as it depletes resources and is often accompanied with debt.

Embrace the ability to create wealth

We are surrounded by abundance because human nature is naturally abundant. We can create wealth in its material and immaterial form. It is therefore important to be in a constant mindset of abundance in order to manifest the wealth we need. Wealth is not necessarily having millions in the bank. It is the capacity to have your material and immaterial needs met with ease.

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