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Her Money Guide’s First Year Anniversary

Her Money Guide’s First Year Anniversary

2020 has been a year of birth pains with Covid-19 taking a huge toll on us all. Despite the challenges, we here at Her Money Guide have a reason for gratitude. The blog celebrates its 1st year anniversary since launching in 2019. I take this opportunity to reintroduce the blog and share the vision for the coming year.

What is Her Money Guide?

My name is Beatrice Achieng’ and I created Her Money Guide as a space where readers can come together to be empowered and inspired through digital content and live events. As women, we wear many hats and we all need a space where we can receive inspiration as part of self care. My intention in creating this space and the events associated with Her Money Guide is that anyone who is meant to receive and benefit from its creation will find their way here and everywhere its content is shared.

My Money Story

I’m fortunate to have walked the journey of financial abundance, but I had limited knowledge on how to grow and sustain my resources. I began a financial soul searching journey where I discovered that my negative financial habits were subconsciously rooted and that I had to reprogram my mind and overcome limiting thoughts in order to sustain a healthy financial lifestyle. These are the stories I choose to share and Her Money Guide serves as an accountability space.

Where we are headed

As Her Money Guide continues to virtually grow, I look forward to physically interacting with readers through various events. We officially launch the podcast in September 2020 and post more content on our YouTube account.

I look forward to reaching a larger audience and look forward to the feedback and events that are yet to come.

Thank you for being a part of the Her Money Guide Family. Remember to subscribe!

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