Financial Wellness
Financial affirmations to help us redefine our money relationships.

Financial affirmations to help us redefine our money relationships.

This morning, I woke up with the sense of appreciation for money. I discovered that I have been very fortunate with money as it made itself available in my life. My money awakening began after I was appointed treasurer of our high school Christian Union Club which bore, in my option, a sacred responsibility. At the same period my mother, who was in business at the time, trusted me with the responsibility of occasionally processing payroll and doing her banking.

Looking back now, I know that I presented myself worthy of financial trust. Over the years however, I regretfully surrounded myself with scarcity energies which broke the money trust creating a burden for me. As I soul searched, I was reminded of my first love affair with money which left me feeling warm and fuzzy. Here are the lessons I took with me.

Money is my ally

Money energy is the bridge between my dreams and its manifestations so its presence in my life is actually a sign that it wants to help me achieve my goals. The money making opportunities that present themselves are ways in which money tells me that it is an ally.

Money is on my side.

I recently received a revelation that changed my perspective on many issues. One lesson I learned is that life is on my side whether events manifest as positive or negative. The positive events are to make my heart glad and the uncomfortable are to teach me a lesson. The same concept applies to money. The energy of money is on my side. Its period of abundance makes my heart glad while moments of limited availability are lessons and still I rejoice. No matter the situation, my well being matters and the energy of money is there to ensure of it.

Money shapes my character.

As I look back at the financial responsibilities bestowed on me during my high school years, I realize now that the presence of money was to develop integrity and self responsibility. I am thankful for these lessons because they enabled me to have a successful business relationship with my business partners who trusted me with the company financial responsibility.

Money will take care of my needs.

Money as an ally is seeded the responsibility to take care of my daily affairs. As I work my opportunities, I believe the energy of money makes itself available to help me meet my needs. I know that as long as I am doing my part, money will do its. I believe that money will also make itself available when opportunities are limited because it is an ally and friends don’t abandon each other during tough times.

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