Financial Wellness
Rewriting the subconscious mind for financial wellness!

Rewriting the subconscious mind for financial wellness!

Energy and vibration control all aspects of our lives including our financial well being. The energy we channel towards our finances whether be it through spending, savings or investments begin with the subconscious programming downloaded in us at an early age. The subconscious mind is that part of us that stores habits. These habits become second nature for instance talking, walking, eating, driving, brushing our teeth etc. With this understanding in mind, what financial habits are second nature to you? What financial habit dominates your thoughts when money finds its way into your life?

After a period of soul searching, I realized that I was a spender. I spent money on my family, business, myself and anyone who needed help. My financial outflow outweighed my inflow and the universe responded in kind by creating money wasting events. My investments were equally a dud because my financial intentions and energies were directed towards wasteful spending. This continued until I received an awakening that truly changed my life. I deprogrammed by mind, rewrote my subconscious intentions, trusted my instincts and by doing this, I walked into growth situations. Even my stock and business portfolio energies have shifted. My money is growing.

In most cases, growing up in a financially healthy home cultivates wealth creating habits. On the other hand, growing up in a home where excessive spending and less investing was the norm steers the mind towards unhealthy spending habits. The subconscious mind releases codes based on the messages fed to it and these coded messages trigger the series of life events that define our financial condition.

Deprogramming the subconscious mind of wasteful spending habits is key to financial security. We achieve this by unlearning destructive habits while cultivating healthy financial ones.

Knowledge increases our vibration which connects us to the frequencies or energies that charge up our lives into manifesting our desired lifestyle. Vibrations are emitted through emotions. It is important to pay attention to how we feel as this determines the level of financial success we create and sustain.

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