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Making The Most Of Government Imposed Covid19 Curfew.

Making The Most Of Government Imposed Covid19 Curfew.

As the world continues to battle the mysteries and unexpected impact caused by Covid19, Governments all across the world have enacted guidelines to help curb the spread of the virus. Most have mandated stay at home orders and curfews. These orders can create an opportunity to reflect on important life matters. Here are a few ideas on how to utilize your time during these curfews.

Reflect On Relationships And Determine What Matters

The hustles and bustles of life tend to consume a lot of our time, drawing our focus from important relationships. Some folks use work as a way to escape connections. The COVID-19 lock down is an opportunity to reconnect and renew relationships that may have been harmed as a result of work or negligence. It is also a time to create new memories. Provide a safe space where everyone can speak up without fear of judgement. Also take time to pray and meditate, cook together and teach each other new things.

Review Family Finances

Economists have stated that the aftershock of  COVID-19 will be huge job losses. The U.S is already creating a cushion to help businesses stay afloat while at the same time, giving her citizens financial assistance. Job losses affect income and so the lock down creates an opportunity to review emergency funds, budgets, life insurance, retirement funds and so on.  The economic effects of COVID-19 will transcend all income levels. A review of family or business financial systems is vital for long tern survival.

Learn New Skills And Look For Business Opportunities.

COVID-19 has created a shock wave in the business world. For years, all businesses mattered, but this virus has created a divide on essential and non essential businesses. Transportation, health care, Grocery stores, food delivery services are a few of the businesses the world  has recognized as essential. Examples of non essential businesses include spas, hair salons, shopping malls etc. These categories are a wake up call on how to invest in skill development. Also, new business opportunities especially in developing countries, are being birthed. Home delivery services are a hit. Other business opportunities include work at home management and remote learning services as companies and schools focus on remote deployment to prevent disruptions.

Invest In Self Care

A disconnect from the routine is an opportunity to reconnect with soul, mind and body. Meditation, physical exercise, short nature walks, home spa treatments, reading are all  examples of ways to reconnect with self.  Make the most of the down time as the world looks to reset.

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