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Money, Purpose And Prosperity Practices.

Money, Purpose And Prosperity Practices.

This article is inspired by Rev Karen Russo, author of The Money Keys and my sister Faith.

Today was quite the day. With COVID19 on everyone’s mind, I spent some quality phone time with my lovely sister, Faith. We shared spiritual principles centered around obedience and prayer. My sister encouraged me to determine the areas I wanted to excel in and ask God to show me, from His perspective, how to succeed.

Faith encouraged me to keep my eyes open for lessons and quick manifestations because God could speak to me at any moment and in any form. One of the areas I identified was my need for better business acumen. I want to know, from God’s perspective, how to properly manage the business responsibilities He has assigned me. After several searches, I came across Rev Karen Russo’s work. I instantly gravitated towards her website and YouTube channel where she discusses Money Purpose and Prosperity Practices.

In Money Purpose, Rev Russo challenges her readers to think about why they want money to flow into their lives. In a few words, what purpose and value does money play and bring into my life? The answer that comes to mind activates the energy that shapes my financial flow. I wrote down that the reason I want more money, through my businesses and other divine avenues, is for wealth and well being.

While anticipating divine manifestations, I am encouraged to develop prosperity practices. These are acts of faith that enforce obedience and activates God’s promises. The first practice that Rev Russo encourages is Money Monday. This is a giving practice where I align God’s giving nature with my personal and business finances. She says give thanks for the 100% that flowed into my life, set aside my tithes, put money towards growth measures like savings, bill pay and set aside my week’s spending funds.

The next practice suggested by Rev Russo is Faithful Friday. This is where I reflect on avenues God used to bless me. Here, I celebrate the week’s business harvest and thank God for the income that came in through various channels and opportunities. These two spiritual practices enforce giving and allows my heart to expect from God throughout the week so that I can give thanks for my bounty on.

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