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Are You A Financially Empowered Woman?

Are You A Financially Empowered Woman?

The 21st century woman has the potential to be a superwoman who can have it all: Independence, power, and financial empowerment. The possibilities are endless; however, many women are not as empowered as we should be and lack of financial knowledge and skill could be the root cause.

Financial empowerment goes beyond a hefty bank account. It is about acquiring knowledge and the skills needed to manage, grow and sustain that money. A financially empowered woman has the confidence that her money is cared for, is able to sustain her  and provide her a secure future. She is also able to know how and where to seek help if challenges arise and what products to use to invest and  solve financial issues.


The first step to financial empowerment is having a vision for your financial life. You must know in your heart the life you would like to live. Your mind is a powerful tool that will help you manifest your life, but you must train it to think it. Your mind can only access the right resources if it has the vision. Your vision should not be limited to your surroundings. You have the power to become bigger than your environment so have a great vision.


The second step is to align your life to your vision. Create goals and develop habits that will help you achieve the life you desire to live. These goals could range from paying for college to taking a vacation, building a home or even buying a car of your dream. For instance, if your vision includes owning a nice reliable car for your family, the first step is to determine how much that car costs, plan to own it then begin saving for it. Through discipline and consistency, you will find yourself empowered to own your car.

Money Management

The thirst step is to manage your money. There is really no blueprint for personal money management because everyone is different, but the rules are standard. Money management and wealth creation include watching your income and expenses. There is no way around this. You can not grow wealth if you don’t know how much is coming in and how much is going out. Watch your spending habits and live within your means. The more money you set aside for yourself, the richer you will become. Money that grows multiplies through investments. Money saved empowers Opportunities. A woman prepares for the future by saving money or building good credit so that when an opportunity to own an asset comes along, she will be ready for acquire.

Financial literacy

The final step to financial empowerment is to be knowledgeable about the money system. Money is constantly moving. New products and alternative forms of payments are created daily. For instance, did you know the most common form of payment in China is WeChat? Knowing how the world of money works will prepare you for changes that could directly affect your life.

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