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Creating A Loving Relationship With Money

Creating A Loving Relationship With Money

Like many of us, the fear of money was subconsciously programmed in me at a young age. Even though my mother was a successful businesswoman, the stress associated with money kept me away from loving it. After so many years of clearing my mind of the idea that money is evil and associated with greed, my financial life has tremendously improved. I am now able to attract, grow and keep money. Here a few thoughts on how to create a healthy relationship with money

1)Money is good.

The first step to creating a healthy relationship with money is to be honest about your money mindset. How do you feel about money? Do you think of it is a tool for greed or for good? If you notice, people who speak negatively about money tend to have less of it. And why not? Would you like to hang around people who constantly speak ill of you? Money is a tool that is empowered by positivity. Clear your mind of the negative thoughts associated with money to create a healthy relationship.

2) Nurture your money.

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When money comes into your life, remember to treat it well and nurture it just like you would a newborn. Treat it kindly and gently. One of the best ways to do this to create habits that lead to wealth creation. Habits such as creating an emergency fund, saving at least 10-20% of your income, living within your means, and investing. Look at your money as seeds that must be cultivated and cared for to help you live the life you desire.

3) Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and abundance.

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A healthy attitude about money will always lead to prosperity. Always be thankful for the good money has brought into your life. A grateful mind attracts abundance. Abundance means accepting that what you have is enough regardless of the amount of money in your bank account.. Developing a grateful and abundant mindset allows for a clear path in savings, spending, investments and wealth creation. It allows us to seek value instead of materialism.

4) Eliminate fear.

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Fear is a weapon that draws us into spaces of scarcity. A scarcity mindset is one that believes there is not enough for everyone and that one person’s success is your loss. Do not be afraid of losing money instead, shift your mindset and look at the opportunities to grow the money you already have. Financial security eliminates fear. Live wisely and you will never have to worry about losing money.

5) Determine the personal values that matter to you.

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Personal values are elements you project regardless of your financial value. Being aware of your personal value will increase clarity that often helps in making good money decisions. Good money decisions increase financial value. What values are important to you as a human being? What matters to you?

6) Believe in your power to prosper.

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Faith is a tool that produces results. Whatever you believe of yourself becomes your reality. Do not see yourself less than the money you want to make. If you want to have millions, see yourself as a millionaire. Increase your financial literacy and learn ways to transform your life into that of a millionaire. Wealth does not come overnight. It requires patience, dedication, and hard work. Never forget that the energy and power you put into the life you want will always bring back the results you deserve. Expect financial greatness, invest in it and you will receive great rewards.

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