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Give The Gift Of Financial Security With These Four Tips

Give The Gift Of Financial Security With These Four Tips

Love brings together individuals who have the desire to build a life. Most couples dream of having children, buying a house, building pleasant memories all of which come with financial responsibility. It is therefore important for couples to strive for financial harmony.

Financial harmony is when couples create an environment where financial successes and challenges are discussed without fear or judgement. Here are 4 ways couples can ensure financial harmony.

Attend financial counseling.

Counseling is an important step in solving life’s challenges and we must not underestimate how valuable it can be when building a marriage. Couples don’t have to wait until financial issues get out of hand to attend counseling. Couples who attend financial counseling or classes have a higher chance of creating a successful marriage. A TDA Ameritrade survey concluded that, “41% of divorced Gen Xers and 29% of Boomers say they ended their marriage due to disagreements about money .” Counseling can help couples avoid this path.

Create financial goals.

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Financial goals help couples prioritize their savings and spending. Couples who openly discuss financial positions such as debt and savings can easily establish goals. The goals can be short term like paying off debts, saving for vacation, building an opportunity/emergency fund or long term such as saving for retirement, building a college fund, buying a house etc. Creating financial goals empowers couples to navigate the financial world with ease.

Create money date nights.

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Money is a difficult topic for many couples, but having a successful relationship with money means looking at how money comes in and out of our lives. Our habits and self esteem often manifest in the way we use money. Creating a date night dedicated to conversations about money, budgeting and investing can help couples improve communication and help in solving financial imbalances. It can also help in healing any financial wounds that can harm a loving marriage.

Celebrate milestones.

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Every couple must take the time to celebrate financial milestones. These milestones can be things like successfully achieving short and long term goals. A loyal couple that celebrates financial accomplishments stays together. These celebrations must be budgeted for of course so celebrate responsibly.

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