A Stress Free Travel Experience

A Stress Free Travel Experience

I love to travel. My life is richer with every travel experience. In 2019, I embarked on my first West African journey and traveled to Ghana. The trip was rewarding. Here are four takeaways from my preparation and trip.

Budget for great accommodation.

Airbnb in Accra, Ghana

I believe travel should be a comfortable and satisfying experience. As a traveler, I love clean spaces and I budget well for this. Since I value my vacation, I booked my accommodation through Airbnb and chose a space near Accra. It was a beautiful, tranquil home which was worth every penny.

Research immigration and local laws.

Kotoka International Airport

As a holder of a Kenyan passport, I discovered that a travel VISA isn’t a requirement for entry into Ghana however, the Government does require evidence of a yellow fever shot which I unfortunately did not bring with me. I was forced to pay for a shot at the airport. The correct information can prevent such travel mishaps so do your research.

Sim cards and Wifi.

Most U.S mobile phone companies do provide international roaming which can be costly. Plan to purchase a sim card or ensure that your living space has WIFI which can enable free WhatsApp calls. Our living space offered WIFI and thankfully, many of the restaurants and stores we visited offered it as well, an added advantage for Google searches and UBER orders.

Exploit local offerings

Shopping at Makola Market

While booking our living space, our priority was to make sure that our needs could be met within a walking distance or with a short UBER ride. This helped keep our transportation costs low enabling us to redirect our vacation funds to other areas like shopping at the market, food, beauty and so on. I enjoyed the trip. I enjoyed the beaches, the people, the food and every cultural experience. Proper planning made this possible. A great travel partner did not hurt either.

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