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The 2020 Woman’s Guide to Career Success.

The 2020 Woman’s Guide to Career Success.

Women wear many hats and for most, workforce participation is one of them. As we use our talents in our places of employment, we can sometimes feel stuck and question if we are in the right space. These questions are not unique and are actually growth triggers. Here are 5 tips for career success.

Create career goals

Every woman needs career goals. There has to be a defined purpose for why you work where you do and a clear direction for the future. Career goals define what is important to you and what you want to achieve in your area of employment. They also serve as motivational tools. If you already have goals, do a self check to ensure that your goals and deadlines are being met and remember to celebrate career milestones.

Develop new skills

We live in a dynamic world where change is inevitable. Women in this era have to compete with men and machine. Developing and sharpening skills will give you a competitive edge. Aim to attain the highest skill level in your relevant field. Skill development will turn you into a valuable and marketable multi-dimensional professional which ultimately increases your earning potential.

Find an accountability partner

A woman has no better friend than a person she can confide in and one who will hold her accountable. Develop healthy relationships with folks who have your best interest at heart and who will ensure that you are achieving your career goals. It is best to find someone more disciplined than you are. Apps such as Supporti can pair you up with an accountability partner. If you don’t have access to an accountability partner, find a career coach who can help you brush up your Resume/CV, give you advice on pay, help you map out a career path and so on.


Networking is an invaluable career development tool. Having the right connections can open doors to greater opportunities that you never thought possible. Find and attend career meetups, conferences or luncheons especially in your line of work.

Become a mentor

One way to be great at what you do is to share what you know. Take the time to mentor a co-worker, family member or young people looking to learn industry secrets. Mentoring also strengthens your confidence and encourages skill development.

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