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5 cost saving wedding tips every couple should consider.

5 cost saving wedding tips every couple should consider.

Wedding bells might be in your future if you are reading this article and for that, congratulations. Every bride and groom desire an unforgettable wedding which can take a financial toll. Below are some cost saving tips couples can consider while preparing for their special day.

Open a wedding savings account.

According to nerd wallet, the average cost of a wedding is $33,931. One way to financially prepare is to open a high yield interest bearing savings account to cover ongoing and wedding day expenses. Couples should agree on the amount they are willing to spend for their big day and plan on how to fund that account.

The success of this account will require spending cuts and discipline. If you are fortunate to have family willing to contribute towards your wedding, save anyway. Having extra funds lying around can be helpful in case of emergencies. You could also invest any extra funds. Remember a couple that saves together, stays together.

Opt for a small wedding.

Small weddings with few guests come with a smaller price tag. No one should walk into a marriage in debt. Spending within your means provides financial peace of mind. A small wedding also ensures intimacy and quality time with guests.

DIY weddings.

DIY weddings are not only cost effective, but also add a unique and personal touch to the event. Couples can customize their wedding to reflect their personalities, standards and values. The internet is awash with images and ideas that couples can use for inspiration. Some DIY cost savings ideas include calligraphy hand written or self designed invitations, center pieces, wedding favors, bridesmaids’ bouquets, flower displays and even table runners. Do invite friends and family to assist with DIY activities.

Save on your wedding/reception venue.

Wedding venues can be costly, but there are money saving ideas to consider. Obviously, a small wedding will require a small venue which is the number one cost saving tip. Couples can also consider having their wedding on an alternative day of the week like Friday or Sunday instead of the popular Saturday. Couples can also save by booking a venue that can accommodate both wedding and reception.

Beauty and makeup

Bridal makeup is often an exciting part of every wedding, but these can can come with a heavy price tag. If you have a limited budget, consider doing your own make up like Princess Kate did. It adds a personal touch and gives you the opportunity to show your talent.

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