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3 Limiting Beliefs That Keep You Broke And How To Overcome Them.

3 Limiting Beliefs That Keep You Broke And How To Overcome Them.

King Solomon wrote, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..” (Proverbs 23:7). This verse resonates with me as it reminds me that my life is the sum total of my beliefs and I must think good thoughts to manifest my dream life. Even with this knowledge, many of us are living below our potential due to limiting beliefs and sadly, these beliefs create negative manifestations especially in our financial lives.

What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are those false truths we have accepted as a result of our life experiences. They confine us to our comfort zones and prevent us from taking risk. These are the voices that tell us that we will fail if we quit our jobs to start our dream business or that our lives are doomed because we grew up poor. Does this resonate with you? These are the voices that discourage many from pursuing their degrees because of age. These beliefs  eventually create mental blocks that prevent many from seeking the knowledge we need to better our lives.

The three limiting beliefs we must overcome are:

Life is hard

Life is a balance between light and darkness. Yes we will have uncomfortable moments, but these are often less than the moments of light. Focusing on the lie that life is hard only attracts difficult moments to manifest in our lives resulting in constant financial loss. To defeat this belief requires a mental shift. Make the vision of your desired life known and seek the knowledge and tools needed to manifest that life. This is the hard work assigned to humans by the divine. You must affirm that your desired life will manifest with ease because you are open and prepared. 

Abundance is not my destiny

This is a common belief. Many people, especially in Africa, believe that success is for the chosen few and as a result give up instead of creating. We are all creators of our life experiences and each one of us has the opportunity to live abundantly. You must affirm that this is your world too and you will succeed if you fearlessly pursue your dreams. You will reap the rewards of your hard work.

 Everything I try fails 

This is a self defeating mindset which discourages  many folks from taking risks.  We are on this earth to create and we must believe that our creation is good and will succeed. Our faith often expands when we successfully achieve a goal. We defeat this limiting mindset by planting seeds of our dreams with the expectation of a positive outcome. 

Everyone has an opportunity to succeed and it all comes down to what we believe. Journal your journey each day and listen to your self talk.  This habit will help you unearth any other limiting beliefs. Success is possible to all those who believe.  





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