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5 Ways To Manifest Your Best Life.

5 Ways To Manifest Your Best Life.

Embrace your essence.

Our lives are constantly surrounded by visuals and voices that aim to suppress our true essence and we consequently manifest insecure energies which kill the confidence to thrive. One of the best ways to live our best lives is to flash out, from our conscience, any dead weight we carry as a result of embracing the negativity that surround us and reinventing ourselves to became our true versions.

Invest in self love

Self love is any thought or action that enriches our lives. It means attaching ourselves to that which motivates and energizes us to fulfill our purpose. One can not claim self love while constantly walking through depressing and uninspiring doors. We must learn to remove ourselves from such dark places and lead our hearts and minds towards enriching spaces. Self love also means having boundaries that prevent abuse and exploitation.

Live purposefully.

We are reminded that without a vision, we will perish. All our dreams and desires fail to manifest when we do not have a plan for our lives. A plan ensures that every second of our life is fruitful. Living our best lives involves creating a purpose for our lives (vision) then finding the necessary tools (education, relationships, networks, jobs etc ) to help us manifest the vision.

Invest in valuable relationships

The current state of our lives are manifestations of seeds sown two or even ten years ago. We are the outcome of our thoughts, habits and attitudes. To manifest a good life, we must learn to invest in relationships that yield life’s revenues. We do not want to manifest liabilities such as shame, pain, hurt, fear and so on. Our lives are beautiful and while challenges will come, most of our journey must be beautifully lived so, pick your relationships wisely.

Be a vessel of love.

Pure love is an energy that we all must strive to have in us. The type of love that gives without demanding a reward. Living our best lives means being a vessel through which this type of love flows, Giving love means you will always have enough to give and you will not run dry. So be that instrument through which love flows.

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