Financial Wellness


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines consciousness as, ” the quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself.” In this state, we are aware of who we are and what we are awake to. What differentiates the wealth builders from those who choose to stay in poverty is the knowledge and understanding of how to use and invest financial resources that become available to them.

Those who are awake to wealth consciousness think in abundance. They think of ways to increase that which becomes available to them. These are the folks who know the power of choice and being in control. They can quit their jobs without worry of lack. They always live within their means, have enough saved up for emergencies, have invested in a way that their money works for them and live in a space of giving. They can afford their lifestyle without hurting for money. Wealth consciousness comes as second nature to those who are well read and understand the power of wealth.

Those who are awake to the poverty consciousness live in a space of scarcity. They think of ways to get rid of money as soon as it becomes available . They do this through quick spending and debt acquisition (always borrowing money). They constantly live in fear of missing out so they spend all their money on the latest gadgets, cars, fashion etc. to stay current. They spend money on big lunches and dinners as a way to impress their friends and relatives.

They live for now. These are folks who will spend their tax refunds, or any money that becomes available to them, on expensive items without the thought of saving. They lack investment knowledge and find the topic of personal finance boring. They lack an emergency savings plan and live paycheck to paycheck. This type of lifestyle is a threat to financial security and folks who live this way will always attract poverty and situations that lead to poverty.

Living a wealthy lifestyle requires a mental evaluation and lots of sacrifice. One can not become wealthy by spending everything they have. In this space, one must think about value and growth. You must value yourself enough to take care of your current needs while living within your means in order to take care of your future self. You must think about ways to grow your net worth through investments, acquiring skills that could potentially earn you more income and/or creating multiple sources of income. In this state of abundance, you are ready to walk the journey of wealth.

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