Financial Wellness


Money. The one element in life we can’t live without but seems to elude so many. We earn it only to lose it to people we later regret impressing and on items we later regret buying. This is the story of many of us however, there is hope. As women, it is important to deal with the little enemies that threaten our financial security.

1) The retail enemy

I loved shopping until I realized the habit was a threat to my financial security. On line stores made it easy for me to browse and PayPal made it easy to acquire. One day, I took inventory of my purchases and realized that I had a problem. I had spent money on clothes I had never worn with price tags still attached.
That was the light bulb moment for me. I had to stop giving these websites my hard earned money unless I had to. So how did I deal with it? I put up items for sale on line to earn back some of my lost money. I also changed my on line shopping habits. If I had to visit an on line store, I would put items I thought I liked in the cart and then revisit the store two days later to see if I still loved them. Most of the time, I found that my interest in those items had vanished.
A little greedy voice would often tell me ” What if someone else buys it?” I learned to ignore that voice. If an item I thought I wanted was out of stock two days later, then it was not meant for me to have in the first place. Since acquiring this new habit, I have seen a change in my spending account. There is money sitting there and I couldn’t be happier.

2) The anti saver

We drive cars but how many of us have money set aside for mechanical emergencies? We have health insurance but how many of us have money set aside for co-pays? We rent, have mortgages but how many of us have money set aside for emergencies that may affect these payments? I learned the value of savings when one day, I got into an accident that totaled my vehicle. Thankfully, I came out unhurt but a little sore. My work and business schedule had to be maintained and because I had money saved for emergencies, I was up the next day with enough money to purchase another vehicle. My life was uninterrupted because I had kept money aside for rainy days. I didn’t have to wait for insurance to pay up and when they did, the money went right back to my savings account. That same month, we put money down on our new home. Savings matter and they make a difference.

3) The toxic family and friends.

Are you one of those folks who have toxic friends and family members? These enemies that show up right when you have enough saved up? They ask for loans they never pay back or influence you to buy items you do not need? If this is you, run like your life depends on it. Friends and family can be gifts if they allow you to grow. Anyone who threatens your financial security is not a friend and must be eliminated at all cost. As for family, have the courage to say no.

4) Lack of knowledge.

Financial literacy can reshape your financial future. You are destroyed for lack of knowledge. The more you know, the better equipped you will be. Read financial books and blogs, listen to podcasts that discuss money. New ideas come through knowledge.

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