The Ants Work Strategy That Can Empower Your Financial Life,

The industrious lives of ants have fascinated many and their work ethics even made their way into sacred texts. Human beings are always looking for ways to create and increase. This is our purpose for we are to be fruitful and multiply. To achieve this goal, we tend to seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding from books, blogs, experiences and mentors. […]

The courage to invest

Investing is the expansion of available resources to create a state of financial abundance. Expansion of financial resources can be accomplished through the stock market, entrepreneurship, real estate investments, crypto mining and so on. Money is the popular investment seed and if property planted, can produce great abundance. A few thoughts to consider when taking the investor path via the […]

Happy New Wealth Year 2021

We welcome 2021 with delightful embrace and the anticipation of relief from 2020, a year that transformed our lives. With the changes came wealth creating opportunities especially in the digital space. We look to the new wealth creating avenues women can pursue in 2021. Wealth through crypto mining The Bitcoin mining craze hit 2021 with a bang. As bitcoin climbed […]

Finding Joy In Money Matters

Money is a sensitive topic which many avoid because money has a direct effect on our self-esteem and our ability to create. As things stand, there is not much we can do without money, but we can find joy in money matters regardless of current financial conditions. Money is not the only way. The universe has the abundance and multiplicity […]

2020 Financial Wellness Trends.

We all agree that 2020 events have taken the world by storm. From Covid19 to the charged political climate, our lives have dramatically changed resulting to a shift in our financial realms. As the world transitions to its new normal, financial wellness is becoming an important issue. Financial wellness is looking out for your well being by having a healthy […]

4 Beliefs About Money That Hinder Financial Prosperity.

We come into this world with nothing but our divine abundant nature. The physical environment may be lacking, but our thoughts determine our life’s outcome. No amount of poverty, debt or material wealth can beat a positive mind. The energy of money follows positive thoughts. Why then are many financially limited? It all comes down to what we believe about […]

A Feminine Guide To Prosperity

We all aim to experience growth and success in all areas of our lives. With the right strategies and feminine skills, women can utilize their gifts and talents to experience financial prosperity by incorporating the steps below into their financial self care routine. Create success systems Our dreams matter and that’s why we must always be goal oriented. A goal […]

Her Money Guide’s First Year Anniversary

2020 has been a year of birth pains with Covid-19 taking a huge toll on us all. Despite the challenges, we here at Her Money Guide have a reason for gratitude. The blog celebrates its 1st year anniversary since launching in 2019. I take this opportunity to reintroduce the blog and share the vision for the coming year. What is […]

Financial affirmations to help us redefine our money relationships.

This morning, I woke up with the sense of appreciation for money. I discovered that I have been very fortunate with money as it made itself available in my life. My money awakening began after I was appointed treasurer of our high school Christian Union Club which bore, in my option, a sacred responsibility. At the same period my mother, […]

Rewriting the subconscious mind for financial wellness!

Energy and vibration control all aspects of our lives including our financial well being. The energy we channel towards our finances whether be it through spending, savings or investments begin with the subconscious programming downloaded in us at an early age. The subconscious mind is that part of us that stores habits. These habits become second nature for instance talking, […]